Shoulder Braces

shoulder brace is a wearable device that helps to immobilize and support the shoulder in order to heal from injury or trauma. It helps with the compression of tissues, assists in preventing swelling and assists in strengthening shoulder muscles while they heal.

Shoulder braces put together using waterproof nylon with neoprene straps and are specially made to adjust to your body while providing the best amount of support. Some also provide heat to the muscle and tissue, helping with preventing the swelling and offering relief from pain and discomfort.

When do you need Shoulder Braces?

There are many conditions that can be helped by using shoulder braces, whether they are skeletal or muscular in nature. This will help:

Prevent dislocation. By lowering the range of motion of the shoulder, a brace can help to prevent dislocation after the surrounding cartilage and tendons have been injured.

Surgical procedures. For pre- and postoperative surgical options, the custom shoulder brace can help to provide needed support for both the bone and muscle. This will help speed up healing while ensuring that injuries don’t occur again.

Joint inflammation. Choosing the right shoulder brace with heating ability can help prevent inflammation of the joint as well as the surrounding musculature and tissue.

Sports injuries. Many athletes experience strains on their shoulders that can be attenuated by helping to immobilize the shoulder.