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Thank-you for visiting our website! We know that you are here because you are experiencing pain and discomfort and we can match you up to the correct health care professionals that will help you improve on your quality of health. We are happy to provide the ability of health restoration to our patients. We are here to train your body through a series of exercises and mobility techniques that will help you reach your intended goal.

Physiotherapy Clinic Mississauga, Canada

We are one of the leading healthcare providers in Mississauga. Our aim is to treat and educate members of the community, and help patients achieve optimal health and personal wellbeing. Offering one on one care from highly skilled physiotherapists. Our team includes a group of registered, experienced health professionals who work together to deliver the highest standard in health care services. Our clinics are located in Mississauga, Ontario

We understand how vital it is to find the right health care team to partner up with and we are all about working one on one with our patients to restore their health, physical activities and mobility once again. Our team of physiotherapists at Alpha Physio and Rehab Clinic are dedicated to working with on a plan that is meant to assist you in achieving success that is desired. Utilizing years of experience – we will provide you with the ultimate best service. We are committed to helping you get better.

Alpha Physiotherapy & Rehab clinic provide many outpatient and inpatient procedures to adults and children who are experiencing with many unique health issues, such as:

We also treat accident victims who have situations that occur for a wide array of reasons, including: We have the expertise and know-how that is important to motivate you and help you improve your physicality and mobility skills. Our health care team of physiotherapists are available to help you:

We have a wide array of treatment procedures that are offered to you to assist you in improving your function of your joints and muscles. We prepared these plans and execute them, helping us analyze your situation in a more efficient manner, tracking your progress and diagnosis. We will keep working with you until you are able to go back to the range of strength, motion and flexibility you once had before illness begin to plague you.

We are motivated to improve your health, and working on your physical activities and to providing you with sincere assistance and expertise that will help prevent future injuries and health issues.

Alpha Physio & Rehab clinic would like to assist you in enjoying the healthy lifestyle that is meant for you. Call us today to schedule a consultation; as a team and as your partners, we will work on a treatment plan that could get you closer to your health goals. 

We provide the care that you need! We are more than just a physiotherapy clinic.


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