Alpha Physio Chiropractic Clinic - Mississauga, Ontario

Alpha Physio Chiropractic Clinic is one of the affordable and stress-free, relaxing environment Clinic in Mississauga, Ontario. Our commitment to excellence is achieved by providing personal, knowledgeable, and affordable patient-centered care through chiropractic care, registered massage therapy (RMT), acupuncture, and physiotherapy. 

As chiropractors in Mississauga,Ontario, we have the sincerely joy of assisting people who have a variety of health issues. Usually, chiropractors help traditional back and neck problems, but chiropractic treatment has also helped achieve wonderful results with a wide range of other health issues. 

Chiropractors are increasingly being consulted for health problems beyond neck and back pain. As a safe, conservative approach, chiropractic is a natural solution that relies on your body’s ability to heal itself—if there isn’t any interference. 

We’d love to meet with you in our Mississauga chiropractic clinic and discuss your health issue(s). After conducting a thorough examination, we will be able to determine if you’re a good candidate for chiropractic care. We’ll explain what we found, suggest a treatment plan and monitor your results. 

Our clinic in Mississauga, Ontario treats a wide variety of conditions including sports injuries, car accident injuries, WSIB, back pain and much more. What makes our treatment approach so efficient? Our chiropractic experts take the time with each of our chiropractic patients to recognize the source of the problem, talk about which chiropractic approach we will take and teach our chiropractic patients on how patients can avoid this problem in the future. 

At our clinic, our chiropractors treat each patient like they are family. Whether you are experiencing chronic pain or no pain at all, chiropractic treatment can help realign your body and mind and lighten you of your pain. 

Why would I require Chiropractic Services?

What is Bad Posture?

Most of our patients come to our clinics seeking treatment for their bad posture. When the body doesn’t have good posture, it works harder to maintain itself and that often leads to pain, less range of motion, joint stiffness and much more. Many back and neck problems are usually caused by years of bad posture.

Bad posture is typically the result of:

Failing to take care of your posture could lead to various issues, including:

What do Regular Chiropractic Treatments Consist Of?

Individual patients require different care and will have their own unique treatment plan. We focus on the area that needs to be treated and determine what course of action is best and how often the visits will be. Our chiropractors will proactively work with you to reduce and eliminate pain and restore your range of motion in that area. Our treatments are developed with you in mind to help you strengthen weaker muscles and restore their effectiveness as quickly as possible. Once you have reached your goal, we will provide you with exercises to continue on and remain pain-free.

If you have not been to a chiropractor before and want to find out more, please Email Us or call 905-916-9095 to receive the answers to your questions from our experienced team.