Custom Orthotics

Alpha Physio is proud to offer affordable and stress-free options to you. Our relaxing environment in our clinics have proven to truly assist patients in need. We offer Custom Foot Orthotics and Custom Orthopedic Shoes for all of our patients. Our goal is ensuring the absolute comfort and support for your body.

Top Quality and Comfortable Orthotics in Milton, Canada

Taking care of your feet is essential part of fitness and healthcare. An issue with your feet can have a direct impact on other parts of your body and it can misalign your spine. Even minor foot issues can have an impact on your body mechanics which can then cause discomfort, back issues, hip pain, joint issues, and many other uncomfortable ailments. When left untreated, a foot issue can lead to more severe and debilitating issues.

Custom Foot Orthotics Can Help!

We have the largest selection of comfortable footwear located in our multiple clinics in Milton, ON. We have health care professionals that are trusted, well known and experienced in providing the correct treatment for your feet and lower limb issues. Whether you require custom foot orthotics, compression socks or shoe modifications, we are able to provide assistance you require.

What Is A Custom Orthotic?

Custom orthotics are devices that are worn in your shoes to correct how your feet move and help them work more efficiently. The way custom orthotics work for your feet is similar to how your glasses work for your eyes. They reduce stress and strain on the joints and muscles. Custom orthotics reduces symptoms such as foot pain, bunions, or hammer toes, arch or heel pain, leg or knee pain or hip and low back pain. Like your glasses, custom foot orthotics are prescribed to fix the cause of your foot pain. Your feet are not like anyone else’s feet, therefore your custom foot orthotics will be unique as well. Similar to your glasses, the prescription for your custom foot orthotics is unique to you.

There are three types of orthotics:

1. Rigid – Primarily used for walking or dress shoes; designed to control function.
2. Semi-Rigid – Primarily used for sport activities or walking; provide foot balance.
3. Soft Orthotics – Primarily used on deformed, arthritic, and diabetic feet; absorb shock.

How Often Should I Wear Orthotics?

You will need to wear your orthotics each time that you are on your feet; this includes while you are at home,at work, during physical activity etc. Just like eyeglasses, orthotics work only if they are worn. The moment that you remove the orthotics from your shoes, or remove your shoes, you are likely to feel the stress and discomfort you were feeling before wearing your orthotics.

What do I do if the Orthotics Hurt my Feet?

In the beginning, you’ll still experience some pain and aching in your legs or feet but this is normal. It is actually a sign that orthotics are working in realigning your body. Your body will become conditioned to accommodate your feet with them as opposed to the way it was conditioned without them. Your body will need time to adjust just like anything else. If your discomfort doesn’t go away after about 3 weeks, you should contact your health care professional right away as they might need minor adjusting.

Is There a Certain Shoe that I Must Wear with Orthotics?

It is best to wear your orthotics with shoes that fit you properly; shoes that are in good condition, and shoes that are well-constructed. This is when orthotics are most effective. Bring your shoes with you on your visit to the healthcare practitioner when you are being fitted for your orthotics, we will help you determine if the shoes are ideal for your orthotics. Keeping the patient’s best interest in mind, practitioners will prescribe two pairs of orthotics – sport and dress in order to ensure your orthotics are a part of your complete lifestyle. Whenever you go shoe shopping take your orthotics with you to make sure they will fit the shoes properly.

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