Massage Therapy Clinic Milton

Alpha Physiotherapy and Rehab Clinic in Milton, Ontario specialize in massage therapy, which is a non-invasive form of treatment for acute and chronic pain.

Our clinics located in  Milton  have experienced Registered Massage Therapists (RMT). For a long time now, our therapists at our clinics have spent their life dedicated to relieving pain and bringing patients back to health and well-being. Our therapists are trained in assessment, analysis, diagnosis, setting up treatment plans and carrying our procedures for treatment.

At Alpha Physiotherapy and Rehab Clinic, it is our mission is to provide you with the highest quality in massage therapy. Many of our massage therapists use an integrated approach, utilizing different techniques and customizing the massage to each patient’s needs. 

Our massage therapists offer multiple treatment plans to reduce stress, decrease your pain and increase your body awareness and lymphatic drainage. 

We are proud to have been voted as one of the best massage therapists in the Milton region. 

As registered massage therapy becomes more popular and prevalent, each of us at Alpha Physiotherapy and Rehab Clinic continue to learn and develop our skills in this ever-evolving field. Our massage therapists specialize in a variety of massage therapy techniques, and so we are able to meet the needs of a wide range of clients. 

Our registered massage therapists understand the popularity and importance of massage therapy and continue to develop their skills in this field. We specialize in a wide variety of methods and have assisted a wide array of patients with different issues.

Our massage clinics treat a wide variety of treatment including sports injuries, car accident injuries, WSIB, back pain and much more.

Providing High Quality Massage Therapy

Registered Massage Therapy is a therapeutic process and involves mobilization of muscles of the body by applying various amounts of pressure to your muscles, joints and skin. The point of the massage is to help promote relaxation, release myofascial strain, increase joint mobility and improve lymphatic drainage, as well as improving blood flow. Massage therapy generally promotes wellness and will relieve the pain caused by any injury or activity from your day-to-day life.

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Why do I Need Massage Therapy?

Thousands of years ago, people used massage therapy and continue to do to treat pain; Sometimes there are underlying medical issues that you might have and massage therapy is a natural way to treat those problems. Some conditions that are best treated with massage therapy are and not limited to:

Massage Therapy Techniques at Alpha Physiotherapy and Rehab Clinic

Our trained medical team at our facility know the areas of your body that need to be toned and strengthened the most. There are a variety of massage therapy methods used at our facility. Some of those techniques include:

Benefits of Massage Therapy

After you have experienced massage therapy, you could experience many excellent benefits Some of those benefits include: