Custom Knee Braces

When we develop custom knee braces, we are trying to prevent the stress that is placed on the joints and we are trying to eliminate the pain and stiffness. The bracing allows you to control the position of your joint, whether to restrict undesired or potentially harmful actions, or allow desired movement. Custom knee braces are designed with each unique patient in mind, handmade, allowing for excellent fit and significant reduction in painful symptoms. We use only the highest quality of materials and follow strict guidelines and procedures when going through the process of creating custom knee braces.

Custom Knee Braces in Toronto

Alpha Physio has a team of highly trained therapists that have embraced this field specifically and specialize in the assessment and fitting process for custom knee braces. You can be measured and fit for a custom knee brace by a professional medical care member on our team in our clinic.

Common Conditions Treated with Knee Braces

Custom knee braces are used to treat a number of knee injuries including:


How Custom Knee Braces Help

They are used to unload bone-on-bone pressure, by gently applying pressure to the unaffected side of the knee, so that it relieves the compression on the affected side. This will help the degenerative part of the knee to receive long-term pain relief and will eliminate the need for surgery or medication at times. If it is used to treat ligament issues, they will stabilize and protect, comfortably in a lightweight and easy to adjust manner.

Continued Activity

Miss being able to participate in physical activity? We have a solution! This will prevent the unbearable pain and discomfort, especially if the knee brace is customized for a perfect fit around the joint and is suited to your own body type and activities. The benefits just keep on getting better.