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Alpha Physio is happy to offer affordable and stress-free options just for you. Our relaxed atmosphere in our clinics have proven to truly improve moods of patients in need. We offer custom foot orthotics, orthotic shoes, foot orthotics and orthotics for all of our patients. Our goal is ensure the absolute comfort and support for your feet and body.

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The smallest issue with your feet can have a direct impact on the many parts of your body and it can put things out of the proper alignment. It will affect your body mechanics and create great discomfort, back and hip pain, joint stress and many other discomforts. If you leave it untreated, a foot issue will lead to more issues down the line.

Custom Foot Orthotics Can Help
We have one of the largest selections of comfortable, stylish and helpful footwear located in our many clinics across Etobicoke, Ontario. Our team of health care professionals are trusted, well known and knowledgeable in providing the number one treatment for your feet and lower limb issues.

What Is A Custom Orthotic?

These custom orthotics are often developed and worn in your shoes to assist in correcting your foot movements and creates a more effective mechanical environment. It can be compared to wearing glasses in terms of how the correction works. It will lower stress and reduce the strain on your joints and muscles. Custom orthotics will also lower other uncomfortable symptoms such as foot pain, bunions, or hammer toes, arch or heel stress, leg or knee pain or hip and low back pain. Think of glasses again, custom foot orthotics are typically given to patients to fix the root cause of pain. Each person’s feet are unique, just like eyes, and that is why custom orthotics are so important. They are made just to fit you. They will work on healing your problems when worn.

Are there Different Types of Foot Orthotics ?

There are three types of orthotics: 
Rigid – Mostly used for walking or dress shoes; designed to control function.
Semi-Rigid – Mostly used for sport activities or walking; provide foot balance.
Soft Orthotics – Mostly used on deformed, arthritic, and diabetic feet; absorb shock.

How Often Should I Wear Orthotics?

When you are on the move you will be required to wear your orthotics; even when you are at home, or outside/playing or having an activity day or when you’re working. Just like glasses, orthotics work best when they are in use. If you decide to remove the orthotics from your shoes or remove your shoes you will start to feel stress and pain, just like you were having before wearing them.

What do I do if the Orthotics Hurt my Feet?

In the start, you will still have pain and aching in the legs and feet but this is to be expected. It is a sign that the orthotics are realigning your body. Eventually, you will become conditioned to accommodate your feet with them as opposed to the way it was conditioned without them. It is normal to expect the adjustment to take up to 3 weeks. If the adjustment doesn’t take at that point, go back to your health care provider and they will do some minor adjusting.

Is There a Certain Shoe that I Must Wear with Orthotics?

The most effective way to wear the orthotics is with shoes that fit you well, in great condition and are well made to guarantee the effectiveness of your orthotics. We tell you to bring your shoes on your visit so we can study them and develop the right orthotics for your feet and shoes. Sometimes, your healthcare team will decide to prescribe two pairs of orthotics – sporty and dressy. We also recommend that when you go shoe shopping to take your orthotics with you to try them on.