Elbow Braces

The Elbow Brace is a custom designed brace that supports and provides stability for the elbow joint and surrounding area. The reason for an elbow brace is to provide compression to the forearm in the event of a tendon injury or strain.

This brace is very helpful for patients experiencing both acute and chronic elbow pain, provides relief while assisting in the healing process.

The elbow brace will help you in getting better faster due to its elastic construction as it specifically aims for the pressure exactly where it is needed most, incorporating zones that will massage the muscles of the area that is most afflicted. It will offer relief and extend comfort to you. It has a red indicator that will let you know if the tension exceeds what is considered safe, ensuring that the circulation stays consistent.

Some of the reasons to use an Elbow Brace include:

Elbow pain. When elbow tendons become inflamed or injured due to a strain or over extension, an elbow brace can be very effective in helping the healing process and relieve pain.

Tennis elbow. Constant excessive and repetitive bending of the elbow can sometimes lead to straining of the tendons and muscles, a condition known as tennis elbow.