Custom Orthotics

Your feet directly impact your body. When a tiny problem begins to develop on your foot, even just a slight change in the way you walk will affect your posture and walking mechanics. This will of course add stress on the other joints in your body and may lead to more serious issues.

Allowing for Foot Stability

Custom orthotics are usually prescribed by a licensed practitioner, they resemble insoles but are biomechanical medical devices that are made to correct the way your foot functions. Custom orthotics will replace the standard insoles your shoes come with. Their purpose is to ensure more stable support, helping with your alignment and balance to ensure your feet function the way they are supposed to.

Custom Orthotics in Toronto, Using Only The Best Technology and Devices

 We offer custom orthotic services at our clinic in Toronto and throughout the Greater Toronto Area. Alpha Physiotherapy and Rehab is proud to use only the best in high-end products. We use diagnostic tools that assist our health care team assess and analyze what is happening with your feet. When you walk across our GaitScan plate, the machine will scan the plantar surface of the foot in motion using multiple tiny sensors. This scan allows us to detect imbalances and other indicators of common lower limb pathologies. From your steps, we are able to create a 3D computer model that demonstrates the findings which will then allow your practitioner to help you understand how your foot functions and if there are any abnormalities. If it’s determined that you require custom orthotics, we will use the data accumulated to custom make your new orthotics.

Benefits of Custom Made Orthotics

How Do Orthotics Help?

Custom orthotics are created to support the specific needs of your feet. They assist in restoring balance and alignment in your body by identifying the root cause of your unhappiness: foot function.

We work together to correct foot abnormalities by using custom orthotics as they help reduce the issues that cause pressure points to add on muscle strain, which in turn affects your ankles, knees, hips and spine. Over a period of time, the custom orthotics will correct the biomechanics of your feet and relieve the pain and tired feeling you have, allowing you to enjoy your day to day activities once again.

Combined Treatment Plans

Custom orthotics may also be used in combination with other physical therapy treatment plans. Alpha Physio’s multidisciplinary approach to your medical care will make it easy for us to combine and integrate different treatment concepts. When custom orthotics are incorporated into an overall treatment program, recovery time may be reduced and the potential for long-term prevention may be maximized.