Compression Stockings

Compression therapy is the use of a medical gradient elastic to be placed around the leg. By compressing the leg with graduated compression that has strength at the ankle and is looser as it travels up the leg, medical gradient compression stockings help venous return, decrease venous pressure, prevent venous stasis and deterioration of the venous walls, and assists with reducing pain and the feeling of heaviness in the leg.
High Quality Compression Stockings in Toronto
Alpha Physiotherapy and Rehab Clinic has high quality, medical gradient compression stockings and are pleased to offer it to patients in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area. 100% of the materials are made in North America  and all of our products meet the quality and medical accuracy standards. Using their advanced technologies, the stockings help moisture quickly release from the skin to keep you feeling cool and relaxed. We carry a large variety of compression stockings to suit your lifestyle, they look fashionable and feel equally comfortable.

Our trained therapists will diagnose your condition and decide which item will be best for your treatment plan.

Typical Conditions That Stockings Will Treat:

Depending on your condition and your needs, medical compression therapy can be applied in different forms including socks, stockings, pantyhose or bandages. Compression stockings are often used to treat:


Best Use of Compression Stockings

A Preventative Medical Device

Look forward to finally finding a solution to help your condition. There are different compression and support levels with each pair of stockings and it all depends on you. Whether it’s mild, moderate or firm support that you require, we’ve got you covered. At all levels, the concept is set to softly massage the leg muscles throughout the day. This will help prevent the venous blood in the legs from becoming ‘slow’, it’ll stop the pooling and back flow of blood that is usually the culprit in causing aches and pains plus it’ll promote a healthier heart when there’s good blood flow from the legs.


Combined Treatments

At Alpha Physiotherapy and Rehab, we use a multidisciplinary approach to your customized treatment plan. By creating a detailed treatment plan that is only designed for you, the chances of a quick recovery and long-term prevention are a lot higher. When combined with other therapies, the use of compression stockings has proven to be extremely effective in the treatment of various venous disorders.

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