Cervical Neck Pillows

Cervical pillows are designed to support your neck during your sleep. This will guarantee that it is held in the proper alignment with the rest of your body. The cervical pillows come in a variety of types that are a great benefit depending on the specific support you need. Most are made of memory foam, but they can also be made of latex or gel-based products. This will help create unique grooves and indentations that will help keep your neck and spine in the optimal position.

Cervical pillows or Orthopedic pillows

Some of the different types of cervical pillows include:

Neck pillows. These pillows are shaped to provide extra support for the neck  no matter if you are lying on your side or back.

Cradle pillows. A cradle pillow has an indentation in the center, designed specifically to take the weight off the neck while distributing it evenly.

Side pillows. Side pillows ensure that your neck is properly aligned while sleeping on your side. As well, it helps support your body so that you can sleep in the best position.