Custom Back Braces

Back braces are used to support and limit the motion of your spine so it can properly be rehabilitated in order to fix the traumatized tissues particularly after surgery. It can also help promote better posture and decrease pain so that you will be able to enjoy a more comfortable day-to-day life.

Custom back braces are especially designed to fit your body, giving you the greatest amount of support and relief that only a tailored device is able to provide.

Benefits of Alpha Physiotherapy and Rehab’s Custom Back Braces

There are two common types of back braces:

Rigid back braces. They are form-fitting braces made of hard plastic materials and are custom designed to limit spinal motion by up to 50%. These types of braces are most often used to support the back after suffering a fracture or after fusion surgery.

While they are generally less comfortable than elastic types of braces, they provide a greater amount of support.

Elastic back braces. These types of braces limit lumbar motion and generally have two concepts: to provide support after fusion surgery, and for continued support to prevent injury to the back from repetitive or heavy lifting, for example, in a heavy labor job

Your medical therapist will assess your needs and help you get fitted for a custom back brace that’s both comfortable to wear and is best suited for your recovery.